Friday, 21 June 2013

Beautiful Boojum

So on my recent trip to Dublin I made a visit to Boojum, in fact every time I go to Dublin I bop on down to Boojum. Boojum as any self-respecting student/young person who has ever frequented Dublin knows is an amazing burrito bar. I actually had my first Boojum in Belfast which is where the original is and I keep coming back every time I get the chance. It is sort of like my Lennox's of Dublin. I really like it because the food is really good, it isn't expensive, the staff are really nice and I don't have to deal with making decisions as I always get the same thing. I always order a pulled pork burrito. I usually go with my pescatarian friend and she orders a veggie burrito which she proclaims to be amazing but I just can't pull myself away from the juicy pulled pork. Even after over indulging on meat at the scarcity banquet I still couldn't help myself and ordered the pork, maybe next time I will succeed in getting a veggie one......

 Along with pulled pork I get Mexican spicy rice, black beans, sour cream, cheese and the hottest salsa..I do like my food spicy. Boojum do a great student deal when you can get any burrito for €5.50 and I used to always get this despite not being  a student this year but last time I got caught out and it was totes embarrassing so now I pay full price like a grown up. But it's worth it for this.....

I really want Boojum now, please come to Cork?

Christina, x

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