Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Allen Street Farmer's Market

I have a new favourite farmer's market and it is conveniently only a five minute cycle from my house. It is the Allen Street farmer's market and it takes place every Wednesday. I like it because everyone there is really friendly, their is some beautiful misshapen produce there and it is really good value. Look at how pretty the produce is....

I've gotten some lovely produce which I've had fun cooking with.

Some lovely kale which I made  delicious kale chips out of...

...and an egg baked in kale basket

I also got some awesome garlic scapes which I never got to cook with before.

I made a nice risotto out of it and the wild sorrel I got foraging, recipe to follow soon.

I also got some summer squash which is ridiculously delicious and I can't wait to get more of it tomorrow....

......and of course some good old Michigan corn which I grilled on the barbeque tonight.

I also got a dozen free range eggs for $2.50 which I think is pretty good value, someone told me today that they bought cage free eggs because of me...I do love my free range eggs.

I also got a lovely courgette (zucchini) for 50c, it was lovely fried up in an omelette.

If you live around Lansing you should definitely check this market out!

Christina, x

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