Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Eat the mushroom?

After my recent foraging trip I have kept my eyes peeled for any hidden treasures about the place. I found a wild mushroom in a neighbour's garden the other day. I snatched it up quickly, a bit too quickly and I didn't properly check if it had a death cap...oops. I was trying to be quick as I didn't want the neighbours to come out and ask me what I was doing. I think next time I will have to be a bit more careful to check the mushroom first but either way I brought it home.

I was pretty excited as it was huge, like at least $5 worth of mushroom but I was also anxious. My housemate told me that she used to go mushroom picking with her grandmother and that she wouldn't recommend eating it. As time went it did stop looking delicious and starting looking more and more like something that could kill me. In the end, I threw it away. I guess I need to learn a little bit more about mushrooms before I can become a master forager.

Christina, x

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