Tuesday, 13 August 2013

El Oasis, Taco Truck

One of my favourite foods is Mexican but it can be pretty hard to get authentic Mexican food in Ireland, even though I do love my burritos at Boojum. So I was pretty excited when someone told me that there was a really good Mexican food truck near my house. So the first night I got my bike I decided to cycle up there to check it out.

I got a burrito with pork and it was very good but not as amazing as the person I started talking to at the truck told me it would be. The rice was really good, probably the best Mexican rice I've had and the beans, wrap and salsa were really good but I just wanted the pork to be a bit juicier.

I have been back since and got tacos and they were so so good, I have tried chicken, shredded beef and ground beef and they are all very good. I particularly like the shredded beef. The second time I went back I also decided to eat it at the side of the road with a Mexican lime soda instead of cycling back to my house and maybe this added to the 'truck food' experience....

I think next time I will be a little more adventurous and get try some offal or tongue...

Christina, x

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