Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Food Arthur Guinness Projects I Think YOU Should Vote for

If you live in Ireland you may have heard already about the Arthur Guinness Projects. These projects encourage Irish creativity and talent in the four categories of art, music, sport and food. Successful projects get the chance to acquire funding to make their project dreams happen.

There are some really good food projects but a couple that I think you should take the time to vote for. Voting ends tomorrow and it literally only takes a few minutes of your time and could help someone, plus it will be good karma for you.

The first project I think is worthy of support is entitled 'Glut'. It was created by someone I worked with when I did my work experience in Cafe Paradiso. This is a brief summary of the project.

GLUT is a co-operatively run café/market-style shop to be based in Cork City.
On-site, it will comprise of a kitchen, bakery, café and market style shop.
Off-site there will be a vegetable plot that will subsidise our day to day vegetable expenses.
The shop will sell “GLUT” products, all made and packaged on-site.

In this sense I guess it is sort of aiming to be a closed loop business whereby food will be produced by the business and any excess produce will be used to make preservatives in glut periods and food waste can be transformed to compost to nourish the vegetables being grown by the restaurant. A nice cyclical process that is both efficient and sustainable. I also like that the cafe aims to be affordable to everyone and not pretentious. I think this is important as oftentimes good food is seen as just for rich 'foodies' when the truth is that good food doesn't have to cost a lot. I had this beautiful meal filled with fresh vegetables this week for Meatless Monday.

I got all of the vegetables at my local community farmer's market and for it all it cost me three dollars. If you would like to read more about this project and vote for it, you can find it here

Another project that I am passionate about is the Bia Foodbank. This project aims to create a national food distribution network in Ireland to tackle food waste. I know some of the people behind this project and they are really great and I'm sure will work so hard to make it successful they just need a little bit of help with funding.  To find out more about this project check it out here.

 So if my magical powers of persuasion have convinced you please take the time to vote for these projects, I think the universe may even reward you with a cookie.

Christina, x

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