Tuesday, 13 August 2013


I have posted before about my foraging failures so I was pretty excited to learn that there was a Meetup group in the Lansing area dedicated to foraging. A couple of weeks ago I went on a little foraging trip where we were guided by a biologist around an old farmhouse. We were on the hunt for mushrooms, I was so excited as wild mushrooms are one of my favourite things to eat but unfortunately we didn't find any edible ones, maybe next time I guess. We did find some nice things though...my favoruite being wild sorrel that had a beautiful lemony flavour....

I also got some of this plant who's name I can't recall but I used it to make some lovely tea.

Also it was a very nice day and I got some nice pictures..

Also stumbled across an old shack in the woods which was pretty cool.

From now on I will be trawling my garden for some wild sorrel.

Christina, x

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