Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Fork in the Road, Diner

I love a good food truck and I heard that in Lansing there is a restaurant called 'Fork in the Road' that started off as a food truck (which is still running but I haven't tracked it down yet) and morphed in to a diner. So I decided to bike down there one Saturday, I passed some cool murals on the way.

The set-up at the diner is a bit strange in that you order straight away when you go in and pay as well, then you get seated. Perhaps this is linked to their food truck roots.

I decided to order the Grilled Cheese sandwich as I am quite partial to grilled cheese and the server recommended it.

The sandwich came with cheese (obviously), pork and some nice greens. Overall it was very tasty I particularly liked the use of greens as you don't often get these in a sandwich. The pork was good too. I just thought it needed a little more bite, like some citrus or something to bring the whole thing alive. The sandwich was served with some pickled carrots and they were good but if I'm honest I think if a sandwich costs 11 dollars it should come with a more substantial side like a nice leafy salad or something. Either way I did very much enjoy my sandwich and I liked that there is a board up in the restaurant of all of the local food suppliers and such. There was also a pretty nice mural outside, you just can't bate a good mural.

Christina, x

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