Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Garlic Scape Risotto with Wood Sorrel Oil

So recently at the Allen street farmer's market I got some lovely garlic scapes. I wasn't sure what to do with them but one day I was craving some comfort food so I settled on risotto. I started by chopping up the scapes in to small pieces.

Then fry the scapes up in some butter and oil for a few minutes. Then add in the arborio rice and fry until it goes translucent. Bring some stock to the boil, I didn't have any stock cubes so I just made some from a random collection of herbs that I got foraging.

Once the rice has gone translucent add in the stock and bring it all to the boil. Then I make risotto by just covering the rice with plenty of water and leaving it for a while , in which time I busy myself with other things. I make up for my lack of stirring with some rigorous stirring at the end. I saw Raymond Blanc do this on Saturday Kitchen and I trust him. While the rice is cooking away you can make the wood sorrel oil. I got my lovely wood sorrel foraging but if you don't have the chance to go foraging you can buy regular sorrel. Chop up the sorrel finely.

Then mix it with some good quality olive oil and season to taste.

When the rice is nearly cooked you want to do some vigorous stirring to get all the starch out to make a nice creamy risotto.

Grate some parmesan and then stir it in to make a beautiful cheesy oozy risotto.

I garnished it with some raw garlic scapes, an edible tiger lily and of course the wood sorrel oil.

Overall I was pretty happy with the dish particularly the wood sorrel oil which gave a nice lemony flavour. It still needs a little tweaking though to have more flavour, maybe I could make a garlic scape pesto and make a risotto with that......

Christina, x

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