Monday, 12 August 2013

Jose's Cuban Sandwich

If there's two types of food America knows how to do well it's burgers and sandwiches. Obviously they do other food well here but those are the two that really stick out for me, ooh and breakfast. I remember getting the most amazing sandwiches ever at the shortstop deli in Ithaca last summer and I am always looking for somewhere to replace the sandwich filled hole in my life. Someone recommended Jose's Cuban Sandwich to me and since it's only a few minutes away on my bike I decided to try it. It is a very small unassuming place next to a gas station, they left me park my bike inside so that was pretty nice.

I decided to order the 'Cuban Sandwich' which was a hot sandwich that came with roast pork, ham, swiss cheese, onion, mustard and mayo. I got the combo deal with rice and beans for $6.50. I also went crazy and got a coke.

The sandwich was really good. The pork was juicy and not dry at all like pork can be. The cheese and ham were good too. I just felt like it needed a little something extra, it came with a pickle on the side and I felt adding the pickle to the sandwich gave it a nice sharpness that it was otherwise lacking. The rice and beans were good. Overall a very good sandwich at a good price and I would definitely go back.

Christina, x

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