Sunday, 4 August 2013

Lansing City Market

When I first get to a city one of the first things I do is check if there is a farmer's market. I was kind of disappointed to see that downtown Lansing doesn't have a regular farmer's market but I did learn that there was a sort of farmer's market called the Lansing City Market. So on my first weekend here I decided to check it out. From the outside it just looks like a plain old warehouse but I was presently surprised by the inside...lots of nice pretty produce...

As I hadn't eaten much for breakfast I got a burrito at the market.

Th burrito itself was pretty good especially the beans, I was kinda disappointed because I asked for beef and they accidentally gave me chicken. I would have brought it back had I not doused it in salsa but I didn't mind too much as the salsa was really good. Some of the best salsa I've ever had!

I also got some gelato. There were quite a few flavours to choose from but I opted for limoncello as I wanted something light.

The texture of the gelato was really good, the lemon flavour was good but nothing on the lemons in Amalfi but sure what can you do.

I stocked up on fruit and vegetables at the market and I thought it was pretty good value. I got all of this....

...for like $17. I did get some things at a reduced price as they were nearing the end of their shelf life but I still thought that was pretty good value considering most of the food was organic and local and such, so I'll definitely be going back!

Christina, x

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