Tuesday, 13 August 2013


So you may have noticed that I haven't been eating a lot of vegetarian food out in America, that is because there doesn't seem to be too many vegetarian options around, not unlike good old vegan loving Ithaca where I lived last summer. So to stick to my meat pact I have not been cooking any meat at home and just eating meat out. So to satisfy my meat cravings one weekend I decided to go to a restaurant called 'Meat' which shockingly enough specialises in Meat. The sign outside says....

I went at lunch time and it was pretty hot outside and I had cycled so I was pretty thirsty when I arrived. I decided to order a cherry lemonade...

What I didn't realise was that it was alcoholic.....it was actually 8%. I guess I was just surprised by the fact that the waitress didn't ask for my I.D. as I get asked for I.D. everywhere here.

It tasted good but as I had only eaten a mango all day I was pretty tipsy by the time the food came, oh well worse things in the world I guess. Anyway on to the food, don't go here if you're a vegetarian, these are the vegetarian options......

I ordered a burger with brisket and egg and it was really really good. I hadn't had brisket before and I really liked the flavour and the texture.

The egg could have been better though, it was a little too hard for me. The brisked was served on a brioche bun and that was good. I also liked that it was served with sauces that are all made in house.

It came with a side of mac n' cheese which was good but it didn't 'blow my pants' off as someone told me it would.

All in all a nice meaty lunch that I enjoyed in a slightly tipsy state.

Christina, x

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