Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Red Haven

When I first arrived in America there was an event called 'Restaurant Week' where various restaurants offered a special three course menu for $25. This provided a good opportunity to try restaurants at a pretty reasonable price so being as frugal as I am I jumped at the opportunity. I opted to check out Red Haven. I had heard good thins about the place and also their 'farm to table' philosophy appealed to me. I also like the fact that they have a tapas style menu so you can try a few different things, great for indecisive people like me.

 I started off with a nice light Michigan pale ale as it was pretty hot. There is quite a nice craft beer movement in Michigan.

To start with I got 'Carpaccio' which was a light salad made up of beets, radish, turnip, apple, celery, sherry, maple and puff rice.

It was really good. I particularly liked the added dimension that the puffed rice gave to the dish. When I read it first I thought 'rice crispies in a salad?' but it actually added some nice crunch. The salad was delicate and light and I really enjoyed it. Definitely a nice dish to have in summer and a nice start to a meal.

 For the main course I ordered trout. The trout was served with parsnip, white chocolate, strawberry, rhubarb and cucumber. Yes, you did read that right, it came with white chocolate and strawberries. I was a bit apprehensive about this dish as I remember John Torode once saying on Masterchef  'Fish and fruit two F words that just don't go together'. So I was a bit worried that this would turn out to be chefiosity gone too far, but I am glad to say that John Torode was proven wrong, the dish was excellent. Firstly, I really liked the presentation, simple and elegant.

The fruit actually really complimented the dish and the white chocolate added a nice sweetness, I actually almost would have liked more white chocolate. Overall the dish balanced the flavors well and provided a lot of flavour while still being light and refined.

For dessert, I ordered sopapilla. This was pastry puff that came with three dipping sauces- hot fudge, dolce de leche and orange blossom honey. It was delicious.

The pastry was like little pieces of fried bread but it didn't taste greasy. My favourite of the dipping sauces was the dolce de leche but I found it good to dip the bread in all three to get a nice blend of flavours. This was an interesting dessert that I may try replicate at home.

 I would definitely recommend Red Haven, the food was innovative and really delivered on flavour, I wish it was restaurant week every week.

Christina, x

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