Saturday, 31 August 2013

Restaurant crawl

A while back one of my housemates moved to Washington before her departure me and my other housemates took her on a restaurant crawl. I had never been on a restaurant crawl but it is such a good idea. You get to try lots of different food and it makes the night seem like more of an event. Plus if you're indecisive like me and can't decide where you want to eat you get to try as many places as you want.

We started off with sushi. One of my housemates can't get enough of sushi and I am quite partial to it myself and it can be hard to get good sushi back home. We went to Sansu which is my housemate's favourite sushi restaurant. As we had two more restaurants to go to we didn't go too crazy. We started with some saki-I always think saki has a nice burning sensation....

We then had some miso soup and salad which is a nice light way to start off a restaurant crawl. I particularly like the dressing on the salad. I was also proud of myself that I could eat my salad with my chopsticks.

We then ordered four rolls of sushi to share.

My favourite was the pink lady which had shrimp tempura, avocado and spicy sauce wrapped in soy bean paper. It was really fresh and delicious and I really want to go back for more.

I also really liked the special California roll, which had crab salad and avocado.

We also tried a roll with salmon roe which was interesting.

The next stop was Sindu Indian restaurant. I had already been here for a lunch buffet and thought it was pretty good. It also has some good vegetarian options. We started by ordering a lamb naan to share. I had actually never had a lamb naan and it was really really good. I will try go back to try some naan stuffed with paneer.

Then we just ordered a sampler plate to share.It was a good way to try everything. I especially like the lamb dish and the green dipping sauce which I can't exactly remember what it was. The sweet rice in milk was good too.

The last stop was a Korean barbeque. It was my first time at a Korean barbeque, it is a little similar to a Mongolian barbeque except you get to cook the food yourself at your own table.

We ordered a barbeque combo for two even though there was four of us but considering this was our third restaurant that seemed like the way to go. The combo came with bulgogi which is thinly sliced rib eye steak, kalbi which are beef short ribs, chicken and shrimp.

It is a fun experience to grill it yourself. It also means you can have your beef whatever way you want which is good if you like it cooked on the rare side because sometimes it can be hard to get meat cooked rare in America at times.

My favourite was the bulgogi but everything was good, even the chicken was really flavourful which was surprising as a lot of times I find chicken can be pretty bland. We also got some nice seaweed salad with it......

.....and some good kimchi....

......we also got some pasta salad and I still don't understand why. Either way I would definitely recommend Bulgogi it was pretty good value, they kept bringing out more kimchi and seaweed salad to us which was very nice of them.

I definitely enjoyed my first restaurant crawl, I think I will do something similar for my birthday in London.

Christina, x

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