Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Soup Spoon Cafe, Lansing

So as I mentioned before I am currently living in Lansing, Michigan. I couchsurfed when I first got here as I didn't have anywhere to live and it's a great way to meet people. On my first weekend here, my host, Emily,  brought me to The Soup Spoon Cafe which is the top rated restaurant in Lansing on TripAdvisor. We started off with some cocktails, as anyone who knows me knows I am quite indecisive so when Emily ordered a 'Dark & Stormy' and told me it was really good I opted to try it.

A 'Dark & Stormy' has rum, ginger beer and lime. It was really good and the ginger actually added some nice spice. It was also pretty good value at $5.

As per usual I couldn't make up my mind as to what to eat. I wanted a sandwich as America really does do sandwiches better than anyone else. But the people I were with were ordering seafood dishes and I sort of had a craving for scallops. In the end I got both and ordered a small plate of scallops and a pastrami sandwich.

The scallops were seared, had a pretzel crust and served with a whole grain mustard Gruyere sauce.

The scallops were very well cooked. The crust was good but could have been just a little crispier. The sauce was good and went well with the scallops. I just felt overall the dish needed an injection of sharpness like  lemon oil or something but it was still very good. It was also nice to have something a little different that from home where you usually get some combination of scallops, black pudding and apple.  The scallops were $12 which was a little pricey considering how small the portion was but scallops are always going to be expensive I guess.

 The sandwich I got was very good.....although still not as good as the reubens I used to get in Ithaca last summer, don't know if I'll ever find a sandwich as good...

The pastrami was served hot and I hadn't had it like that before but it was good. There was also some caramelized onions which added a nice touch. The only thing I didn't like was the pasta salad that came with the sandwich, it was just really bland and meh.  The sandwich cost $8 which wasn't bad, but would be better if I had chosen a different side than the manky pasta, oh well, next time!

Overall the meal was very good, I did think the presentation could have been a bit better but I am a bit of a presentation snob and I think they are going for a more 'family style' vibe than 'fine dining'. I would definitely go back but I think next time I'll try the soup, stick with a sandwich and of course the cocktails.....

Christina, x

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