Saturday, 7 December 2013

Fungi Foray

If you live in London sometimes you crave some nature and an escape from the hecticness of the city. Luckily you can find refuge in one of the many beautiful parks dotted around the city. I am lucky to live very close to Victoria Park and a few weekends ago I participated in an event called 'Fungi Foray' there. We were led by a guide around the park as he highlighted all of the different types of mushrooms, there were surprisingly loads, in Victoria Park. We only found one edible kind -Wood Blewits but it was still good fun and we even learned a little about Magic Mushrooms......

Christina, x

Broadway Market

If you read my blog regularly you will know I love going to food markets and I am lucky to have a great one near me in Broadway Market. Every Saturday I cycle on down to the market (yes readers I am a mad bitch who cycles in London although to be fair my trip to Broadway mainly involves cycling along the canal but I did cycle in a three lane roundabout the other day so there's no stopping me now!) and sample some gorgeous food and buy some fresh produce.

I have sampled a fair bit of the hot food at the market and I think so far my favourite so far has been the tuna steak sandwich from the Fin & Flounder stall, the bacon and scallop roll from them is also good. I don't appear to have pictures for this one sorry guys!

You can also get toasted haggis sandwiches which are nice if you go around breakfast time and I once heard a drunk Irish person saying they were the best 'cure' in London.

You can get hog roast which was quite good as they flavoured it with fennel and rosemary which are two of my favourite flavours. It also comes with some good crackling.

If it is a cold day a steaming bowl of vietnamese pho is very good.

I would also recommend the Ghanian food stand especially there chicken and peanut dish, unfortunately I forgot my camera that day.

If you are in London I definitely recommend Broadway market, less touristy than Borough Market, a great atmosphere and some delicious food.

Christina, x

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The People's Kitchen

So from my last post about Michelin dining in London you may think I was living the high life in London but in fact you would be wrong because the majority of food events I attend are free or involve free food (this is a 'subtle' message to my parents....). One of my favourite free food things to do in London is the People's Kitchen at Passing Clouds in Dalston.

The People's Kitchen involves gathering surplus food from local retailers that otherwise would have been wasted and everyone cooks together to create a communal feast. You can make whatever vegetarian food you want and if you don't want to cook you can turn up at around 6 and eat for a small donation. It's not all about the food it's also about eating together and taking time to eat.

Also sometimes the People's Kitchen takes place at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden as it did the last time I went and yummy sour dough pizzas get cooked in a clay oven.

 It is nice to take time to actually sit down and at together and enjoy food. I celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time last week and even though the feast we made wasn't the best food ever it was nice to have 15 people from all over the world cooking and eating together and being thankful for the food we have.

Also speaking of thanksgiving we're still working through leftovers so if anyone wants some turkey, let me know....

Christina, x